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Sheltie Hair Cuts?

My brother and I both have Shelties, as we grew up loving the breed...  His is a tri-color who has the thickest coat imaginable.  Seriously, the dog is all fur.  He has tried constant brushings, using thinning shears, and a furminator to try to reduce the amount of coat she carries around, but she's still miserable in the summer. 
My brother is thinking about taking her to a groomer to get her a "summer hair cut."  I don't think I've ever seen a Sheltie with such a thing, and some of the breed books I have advise against cutting the dogs' hair.  I was just wondering if that's just due to the breed standard issues, or if there was some other reason that someone out there might know about?  Has anyone seen a Sheltie with a hair cut?  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any info you can offer! 
Here's a pic of the pup in question, though I don't have any that show her massive amounts of coat.
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